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What is AgION™ Antimicrobial Protection?

Featuring  Antimicrobial Technology

What is AgION™ Antimicrobial Protection?
It safely inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, yeast and fungus on the surface of products that it has been incorporated.

How Does it Work?
Ancient civilizations recognized the antimicrobial and cleansing powers of silver. Silver has been used to line water storage containers and is used in silverware in homes. Silver-nitrate is put into the eyes of newborn infants by doctors.
AgION™ technology is a crystallized powder that contains silver ions. These microscopic ions are released slowly over the life of the product and have a harmful effect on bacteria.
Through a sophisticated process, Quickpoint adds AgION™ technology into Safe/Ad™ products during manufacturing. If AgION™ Antimicrobial protection is in the product, millions of bacteria aren't!


Is it Safe?
AgION™ technology is completely safe! It uses silver, a naturally occurring metal and a logical alternative to the vast array of synthetic chemicals. AgION™ technology has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Because silver is not an antibiotic, the likelihood of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics due to the use of silver is low. Silver has been around for centuries!

How Long Does the Protection Last?
The protection will last for the life of the product.

Is Antimicrobial the Same as Anti-Bacterial?
No. Bacteria is a form of microbe. Mold, mildew, yeast and fungus are also microbes, but are not bacteria. Therefore, "antimicrobial" means that a product is effective against not only bacteria, but also mold, mildew, yeast, and fungus.

What Other Products Use AgION™ Technology?
AgION™ technology is used in products manufactured by many companies including Du Pont, AK Steel, Honeywell, Adidas, and Teva Sandals.
Medical products such as stethoscope diaphragms and catheters use AgION™ technology, food related applications include packaging, sponges, food preparation surfaces and restaurant equipment. Clothing applications are found in footwear and medical uniforms.

What is the Benefit to Advertisers to Use Quickpoint Safe/Ad™ Products?
Advertisers will have these advantages:

  • Added goodwill from the recipient who will perceive a more "caring" attitude from the advertiser who provides such a product.
  • Increased use of the product by recipient because of the antimicrobial advantage, thus assuring the advertising message will be seen more and for a longer period of time.
  • The knowledge that the advertiser is providing his customer, or potential customer, not only a useful product, but one that has built-in antimicrobial protection.
  • Safe/Ad™ products with the AgION™ Antimicrobial logo on the label ensures a higher perceived value.